Handy House Clearance Tips

It tends to happen in most households that a bit junk has habit of accumulating. It’s no one’s fault, really. It can start with just a coat out of place, an empty box that you’re not sure where to put. But all of a sudden, there it is: an enormous junk pile. And then you’re left wondering just how you’re going to deal with this house clearance company task ahead of you. Don’t let the stress of this task beat you up. Rather, stay on top of house clearance with these five handy tips to get your organised.

1. Be prepared: this isn’t an easy task ahead of you and finding the motivation can be difficult. Write a list of what you want to achieve from this house clearance for each room. Start small and work in blocks of time so that you don’t burn yourself out. Set aside specific weekends to work on certain rooms.

  1. Stay focused: you’re probably going to get distracted or bored at some point during the clearance. But by staying hydrated and refuelling with high energy snacks such as nuts and fruit, you are more likely to stay on task. And just remember, if you don’t clear out the junk, then it’s just going to stay right there!

    3. Be ruthless: with junk removal, you’ve really just to get rid of it. There is a reason you’ve ended up with this junk and clutter, and that’s because you’ve kept unwanted items. If they haven’t been used in over six months and are sitting there covered with dust, get rid of it!

  2. Clean carefully: once the space is cleared away and you can see the floor again, it’s a good time to clean the surface and the walls. Vacuum, dust and sweep away all those dusty particles that had been living in your junk pile and make your home fresh, clean and healthy again.
  3. Reward yourself: in order to stay motivated, sometimes a little self-reward system can help. Each time you achieve a task or have a room thoroughly cleared and de-cluttered, give yourself a break and do something you really enjoy. Watch TV, read a book, have a tasty snack…and then get back to that clearing!

    So now that you’ve succeeded at de-cluttering the junk and re-organising your space, let’s turn your attention to that pile of stuff you don’t know what to do with. Naturally, you’ve probably got a whole bunch of unwanted items that now need redistributing. Here are three great solutions to avoid that stuff becoming another unwanted junk pile in your home.